Thai Massage in Penrith & Carlisle, Cumbria

Fully qualified and trained in WAT PO Massage School Bangkok, with more than 10 years experience.

Thai Massages are part massage and part meditation. They work on the body and the mind to achieve a level of relaxation you may think is not possible.

The human body is an incredible machine, capable of amazing things. It is also quite fragile and needs looking after. We all know that if we get cut or if a bone breaks, we have to seek medical attention straight away. Few of us can recognise over-tiredness and stress however and these things can be very bad for us indeed.

gift-vouchersPeople have many ways to de-stress themselves. Physical exercise being one of the better options. But what if you could attain the benefits of an invigorating jog, without the physical exertion and at the same time unwind those tight muscles and fully calm your mind? If this sounds like something you’re interested in, why not try a Thai Massage.

You may have heard of Yoga Thai Massage. This is just another name for the Traditional Thai Massage and comes from how some people describe the experience ‘like a yoga session but without the effort.’ Your masseuse will ‘posture’ you during the session to enable unparalleled relief and relaxation to your muscles.

Minor sports injuries/discomforts, stiff joints, bad backs, tired muscles, lack of energy and poor posture can all be effectively addressed with a course of Thai Massage treatment. If you are not sure that this is right for you, why not try a single session? We think the results will speak for themselves.

Want to Know More about Thai Massage?

thai-massageThere is a lot to a Thai Massage and there are different levels and types of massage to consider. The basic massage is done with you fully clothed and lying on a comfortable mat on the floor. Gentle pressure is then applied to your muscles and joints as required for your needs.

If you are in need of something a bit more vigorous, there are more advanced and specialist options available. Including a hot herbal compress, which really is something a bit special.

In addition to our Traditional Thai Massage, find out about our Thai Oil Massage which takes relaxation to the next level and our Cellulite Massage which is essential for those wanting to slim down. Each have different properties and convey different benefits. All will leave you relaxed and refreshed.