Facial Massage (Soft Touch)


Many people have the desire for a youthful appearance with smooth, wrinkle-free skin. A Thai Facial Massage can help slow the effect of time’s forward march by using traditional Thai massage techniques adapted for the face.

There are 90 different muscles in your face, over time they lose their suppleness and tone. This results in wrinkles. Stress and tension can increase the number and severity of wrinkles.

This treatment combats the loss of elasticity in your facial muscles with gentle massage techniques. These techniques relax the muscles, allowing them to recharge and regain strength.

The relaxation of your face, scalp, shoulders and neck naturally calms the rest of your body, improving body-wide blood flow and lowers the heart rate slightly. This hour-long treatment starts with a cleanse and exfoliation; it ends with toning and moisturiser.

The massage itself is naturally de-stressing and very relaxing. You just lie back and allow your professional masseuse to remove all the tension that has built up. At the end of the treatment your skin will be firmer and smoother and you will leave feeling energised and positive.

Positive Loop

As with other Thai massages the therapy promotes energy, balance and well-being. The rejuvenated feeling that results from a facial massage creates loop of ‘positive feedback’ – you look better because you feel better- and – you feel better because you look better.

60 Minutes


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