Thai Cellulite Massage

thai-cellulite-massageThere is a debate in the medical-science community as to the cause and status of cellulite. There are no pills or creams that you can buy from the chemist that will effectively address the issue for you. It is thought to be linked to your hormones as well as to your lifestyle and other factors such as stress. Stress can cause a release of a chemical compound called catecholamine. This compound significantly contributes to the development and growth of cellulite.

One of the happy side effects of massaging your body is the dislodgement of stubborn fatty cells, releasing the toxins that they walled up inside you. Breaking down these clusters of cellulite will leave you with smoother, healthier looking skin and allow your muscles beneath to move and relax to a greater degree.

Approaching the problem from all angles

A Thai Cellulite Massage addresses many of the issues around this condition. Firstly it focuses pressure and compression techniques on your problem areas to really get the most out of that cluster-breakdown effect. The treatment also relaxes and destresses you significantly, making you calmer and happier. This results in a release of good hormones.

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60 Minutes


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